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If you have plans on buying a new RV and plans to customize it based with your needs or when you have plans to replace your RV awnings, most of the clients actually are faced with two options of fabrics that are available, which is vinyl or acrylic. Though all of the RV awnings are able to offer ease of operation, great service and value, not all of them actually are built the same. 


Acrylic fabrics are woven clothes that allows air to circulate through the fabric. It is able to handle the drenching rain, burning sun, ice, snow and the irritating dirt and dusts and even strong winds. The woven acrylic clothes can easily dry and though this is not encouraged, it could be rolled up when it is wet. Due to the case that woven acrylic is breathable, the air will constantly be moving through the fabric, which means that the temperature under the canopy will stay cooler than under vinyl awning fabrics. The fact that the patterns and colors are proven in and are not painted on acrylic fabrics, you can trust that your canopy will stay full and bright for some years. 


On the other hand, the vinyl fabrics have standard vinyl weather guard when your awning is closed. Vinyl weather guard have a heavy-duty section of vinyl that wraps around the vinyl if the RV awning is retracted. Pollution and UV rays also will not be able to penetrate to the awning canvas, which will help in extending the fabrics lifetime. The fact that vinyl fabrics are laminated fabrics, water is not going to soak through, which makes this waterproof. Visit for more on your options. 


There are actually some firms who are actually recognized on their high quality vinyl RV awnings. Vinyl RV awnings have a 4-ply fabric, rugged vinyl weatherguard and is likewise scratch resistant. There are some 4-ply canopies that have different crucial features. These features are where it comes with a clean vinyl top-layer that protects against fading and scratches, its second vinyl layers have printed patterns, polyester scrim for its stability and strength and also the bottom vinyl layer is white or comes with a painted pattern. 


If in case you are just starting out and will buy a new RV or perhaps upgrades and replaces parts of your RV, it's best to know the benefits and features of the two most common awning fabrics first. The more informed you will be, the better you are going to be equipped to making the best decision for your RV. You definitely will not be able to go wrong with any type of RV awning. Check out ShadePro RV Awnings and get started now. 


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